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- Saturday, Aug 26 @ 7PM -
Free to Attend - Outdoor Event
On the George Street Bud Light Main Stage!
Hosted by:
Ophelia Delight X Dc
Beats by:
DJ Jewels
Guest Judges:
Stacey Howse of First Light NL
Crystal Queer of CQ Events


Round-Trip & Accomodations to Toronto PRIDE 2024
$1000 CASH
Guest Performer Spot @ The Violet & Gottmik Show - Velvet, Sept 11

$500 CASH

TOP 10

GSA - Pride - Square Social - Claws - V1.4


Hi friends! I’m Claws, an established producer and powerhouse of a performer. When I’m not on stage you can find me planning my next big production or crafting a new outfit. Performing is definitely my favourite part of drag, I love the splits, kicks and flips, and want everyone to be entertained from start to finish. This is my second year entering the lip sync battle and although I didn’t win last year, I’ve spent the past year honing my art and really improving my performing. Vote for me because you won’t want to miss what I have planned for this year!

GSA - Pride - Square Social - Gravy - V1.3


Gravy is a 19 year old gender fluid drag artist based in St. John’s. Inspired by classic pop culture references, Gravy ties together campy comedy with polished beauty in their performances and looks.

GSA - Pride - Square Social - Jada Graves - V1.3


I'm Jada Graves the reigning Drag idol (2022). I'm an indigenous transgender drag performer. I've been doing drag just over a year. My main character Jada Graves is one of the several identities I play; a few of my traits include being spooky, glamorous, and creative. Olivia Gluten-Jon, a ridiculous, campy character, is styled after the 1980s; many individuals enjoy her for her outgoing personality. At the various events I host and am asked to, one of my favourite things to do in drag is to make people laugh and have a great time. While performing, I like to involve the audience and other drag performers in my act. From time to time, individuals like to join me as I dance and laugh. I can't wait to perform for you.

GSA - Pride - Square Social - Herpaghonna - V1.3


Herpaghonna is St.John’s living Bratz doll and professional menace to society! Shes been performing in the city since she won Drag Idol back in November 2018! Known as the stunt girl with a side of comedy, you’ll be gagged when she slays the George Street stage! 💖💋

GSA - Pride - Square Social - Enigma - V1.3


Im a local drag queen from corner brook who performed last year for drag on George. I've had a year now to perfect my art and am ready to show people how not just my drag has grown and changed but also myself.

GSA - Pride - Square Social - Misty Manifest - V1.3


Social Justice advocate & dubbed Newfoundland’s “Devil Lobster” - Misty Manifest is a creature of creativity. Their talents show through in their artistry. They believe drag is a manifestation of ideas and art on human canvas, and is brought to life through music and applause.

GSA - Pride - Square Social - Reign Michaels - V1.3


Spicy scorpio who was born for the stage, the stage is where I feel alive, where I can test my own limits and let go. Started my drag journey back in 2019 and have been loving every second of it, Drag is the only thing that makes sense to me, the outlet that connected the dots. Last Year I came second and this year I plan on take the crown home!

GSA - Pride - Square Social - Amanduh - V1.3


Amanduh is the alter-ego of Leigh Bursey, who is an activist and ally to the pride movement. At 36 years old, Leigh has led a colorful life, acting in movies, participating in professional wrestling matches, and even being a mall Santa. Leigh is a researcher, motivational speaker, author, musician, storyteller, and author/reporter on homelessness, poverty, and social justice. As a long-time ally, Leigh is using his platform to spread love and acceptance with the goal of breaking stereotypes. As an amateur drag performer Leigh a.k.a. Amanduh is all about enthusiasm, kinship, allyship and performance. There is no "try that in a small town" mentality with Leigh. Only love, acceptance, and a kickass performance that breaks away from gender stereotypes.

GSA - Pride - Square Social - Tara Nova - V1.3


Tara Nova is fine, fresh, feminine, and FIERCE!!! Known as the self-made Barbie of St. John's, Tara brings big rugirl energy to every stage she stomps upon. From designing and sewing most of her lewks, to beating a mug that screams "WOMAN!!!", she can make you scream "WINNER!" from the bars of George Street.

GSA - Pride - Square Social - Karrie Korsette - V1.3


Karrie Korsette, a new queen to the scene. I’ve been quickly cinching myself into the performer I’ve always dreamt of being. With a soft spot for heartbreak pop and a blonde updo. She’ll be sure to keep you entertained! Vote for me! Let me dazzle the stage and show you all what I’ve got. 💋


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