Musician Parking Options - Summer 2021

The City of St. John's has offered the following document as a reference for venue access for working musicians downtown and on George Street. Please see below for information on loading zones and other parking options which may be useful for our musicians. 


2021 is here and we've been looking into our crystal ball! We are curious to know your thoughts on the future of our famous little street. For the chance to win some George Street swag, complete the survey below!

It's the Miracle on George Street!

Making the Holidays Brighter for 19 Local Families

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The George Street Association, in partnership with all 19 of its member establishments, will be lighting the night starting Thursday, December 3rd, 2020 at 5:45 P.M. for a month-long campaign in an effort to provide local families with extra holiday cheer. 


Making A Difference

Our establishment owners and staff will join together in raising funds to help make the season brighter for 19 families with a donation to the Single Parent Association of Newfoundland & Labrador.


Fun For The Entire Family

We encourage all families to watch the kickoff of this event in person or on Facebook Live on Thursday December 3rd, 2020 at 5:45 P.M. as the Spirit of Newfoundland Productions provides a performance to get us all in the spirit.


Lighting The Night

Take a stroll on our famous street to enjoy the true holiday splendour of our well-lit and beautifully decorated establishments, street, and park from a megawatt upgrade for a brighter and more festive display, thanks to our promotional partners Downtown St. John's and the City of St. John's.  


Join in on the Fun

Be a part of our Virtual Miracle Social Media Contest by sharing your holiday pictures online using #MiracleonGeorgeStreet. We will select the most memorable photo to win an early Christmas gift from George Street valued at $250!


With Help From our Friends

This event is happening with support from our longtime supporters and partners, Budweiser Zero, Lamb's Spiced Rum, OZFM, NTV, the Newfoundland Herald, and Downtown St. John's. Their commitment to community has been a staple of the George Street Association initiatives for many years. 

Let's make this holiday season one to remember!

Feedback Survey - August 30, 2020


The George Street Association is committed to a socially-safe summer for all. It is our highest priority to ensure that everyone is doing their part in maintaining appropriate measures - keeping distance, sanitizing whenever possible, and following the guidelines that are put in place. The Association also wishes for our patrons to enjoy themselves and continue to attend the establishments that have made George Street the cultural and celebration destination it is today.

Safe … and Secure

We are focused on the need for increased security and supervision on George Street. By providing security from 9pm to close, we can better demonstrate our desire to achieve a socially safe on-street population. All our establishments are committed to operating at often less than half capacity and increasing the amount of staff to serve patrons safely. We sincerely thank all those who visit our street, but we ask that folks continue to take responsibility for keeping the appropriate distance and care for one another - on and off the street.

Safe ... and Sponsored

We are focused on highlighting the importance of our longtime sponsors and partners. So many people commit their time and energy to support our historic street. Thank you to our sponsors, our partners, and everyone who has been vital in providing the George Street experience for so many years.  Together with our sponsors, we wish for all to be safe and ensure that you keep your distance when visiting.

Safe ... and Supported

We are focused on appreciating all those who continue to support George Street. This street could not operate without our proud community continuing to support us year after year. We want to express our gratitude for all of the patrons, staff, volunteers, artists, performers, local business, Downtown St. John's, the City of St. John's, Hospitality NL, NL Tourism, and the RNC for helping make George Street the entertainment and cultural hub that it is. Our many supporters are committed to helping us ensure that everyone has a socially-safe summer by following the proper cleaning practices and caring for the well being of one another. 

Safe ... and Sound

We are focused on sharing the joy of entertainment on George Street. Newfoundland and Labrador is home to many great performers that want to provide entertainment every day. To continue listening to the wonderful music they create, we are ensuring that music is of a satisfactory volume for the district and that people are not forming crowds on the dance floors. Our performers require that you continue to keep your distance and fulfill your personal responsibility so that they can keep you entertained. 

Safe … and Savvy 

We are focused on protecting your safety on George Street. We want everyone to drink responsibly, behave appropriately, and get home safely. This can be done by protecting yourself at all times and ensuring you use your phone if you feel you need to remove yourself from a socially unsafe situation. Please refer to our website and our member establishments for more information on how we are committed to providing you a safe space, with social distancing measures in place and caring for the well being of one another.

Safe … and Street Smart

We are focused on doing everything we can to ensure that George Street is a place where people can come to celebrate while being aware of things to watch out for along the way. We appreciate all those who are taking accountability and respecting the rules that have been put into place by George Street and the levels of Government. Do your part by separating from dense crowds that may form, ensure there is space between yourself and others while in lines, sanitize at every opportunity, and be respectful of others who may feel uncomfortable.  It is everyone's responsibility to keep an appropriate distance from others and to behave in a safe manner.


Safety is our number one concern.

We recognize moments of concern during peak hours, however, staff and management are working hard to ensure a socially safe environment inside our establishments, while outside, the public authorities we partner with are leading all governance around how people distance.

In these early days of trying to get things right, issues and opportunities for improvement are presenting themselves and we are committed to our loyal patrons, our hard-working staff, and the public to continue to manage our new normal in the face of these challenges.

Thanks again and wish us luck in advancing the shared goal that is focused on the public good.

As you come back to George Street -  join us by doing your part to ensure a socially-safe summer on our historic and much-loved street.

General Inquiries: info@georgestreetlive.ca

For media accreditation, please email your information and the dates requested. Thank you.

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