Got questions about the George Street Festival? Here are some of our frequently asked questions to help you plan your visit.

Yes, the wheelchair accessible area is located on the east side of Prince Edward Plaza at the top of the bowl, adjacent to Duckworth Street across from the Majestic Theater. To access this area, purchase a general admission ticket, enter through any gate and then proceed to the area. However, if you are unable to climb stairs, you can enter via the VIP gate located on the west end of the VIP area on Duckworth Street.

Yes, your attendant is able to attend the show. To claim this, purchase your first ticket and send an email to info@georgestreetlive.ca, giving your confirmation number from the ticket as well as the attendant pass number. You will then be given a promo code to purchase a second ticket online for free.

Please note: Upon entry, your attendant will be asked to show the Attendant’s Pass as well as a picture ID that matches the information on the Attendant’s Pass.

Due to event capacity restrictions imposed by the City of St. John’s Special Events Advisory Committee (SEAC) and the St. John’s Regional Fire Department, strict control must be kept regarding the actual number of patrons on George Street at any one time. With multiple entrances and exits to George Street, maintaining the street as a concert venue is a complex process and requires that Security implement a no re-entry policy. Once you leave George Street after 6:00 pm, you must pay to get back on – no exceptions.

Prohibited activities:

No unauthorized vending/sampling.
No unauthorized solicitation or materials including handbills, flyers, stickers, giveaways, samples, etc.
What items can I NOT bring with me to George Street Festival?

Outside food or beverage items
Alcohol or flasks
Ice or ice packs
Coolers (except for medical use)
Flags or banners
Totems or rage sticks over 12′ tall
Skateboards, scooters, wagons or carts
Bicycles or bicycle chains
Umbrellas of any size
Tents, canopies or shade structures of any kind
Chairs or stools
Sports balls or frisbees
Outside cans or cups
Professional cameras. If it has a detachable lens we consider it to be a professional camera.
Professional video or audio recording devices including GoPro style video cameras
Lasers / laser pointers
Chains, chain wallets, or spike jewelry
Metal aerosol containers including sunscreen, pepper spray, bug repellent, or spray paint
Illegal substances, drugs, or drug paraphernalia
Flammable lanterns
Noisemakers, megaphones, or horns
Weapons of any kind
Glass containers
Animals or pets (except service animals)
Drones or UAVs
Professional grade radios or walkie-talkies

All confiscated IDs are retained by the George Street Association for a period of up to one (1) week following the George Street Festival, and will be destroyed after that time period has elapsed.

Email info@georgestreetlive.ca or, if your ID was confiscated at a particular establishment on George Street you should first contact that establishment directly to inquire.

Found items can be stored at the George Street office for a period of one (1) month after each Festival. You can email a request to info@georgestreetlive.ca to inquire if it has been turned in. If your item was lost within a specific club or bar, please contact that establishment directly.

Unfortunately, we do not allow chairs on the street itself. That being said, if you arrive early enough, there are areas adjacent to the Rock House where there are concrete blocks where people do sit (but these areas fill up quickly).

If you have a medical condition, we have a designated wheelchair viewing area and in some cases, will permit chairs to be brought into that area with prior approval (email joella@georgestreetlive.ca to inquire).

Security Solutions NL provides security for all festivities on George Street. They can be reached via email at securitysolutionsnl@outlook.com.

The stage is owned and managed by the City of St. John’s which coordinates all usage.

The George Street Association does not currently organize pub crawls. To do so, please contact individual pubs/bars directly to coordinate.

For volunteer opportunities, please send an email to info@georgestreetlive.ca

If you’re part of a large group who would like tickets, perhaps you might be interested in becoming a sponsor of the festival! We offer package tickets as a perk of most of our sponsorship tiers. For more info, check out our sponsorship pamphlet. And while our ticket platform only hosts purchases of 8 tickets at a time, there is no limit to how many you can purchase under one name.

The 7-night passes are for general admission only. If you’d like to purchase a 7-night pass but would like to attend VIP for one or more nights as well, you can pass your unused general admission ticket on to a friend or family member. We do not offer reduced pricing or partial refunds to 7-day pass holders who wish to attend VIP or cannot attend one or more nights of the festival.

Our VIP area is on the steps and upper level of the plaza & stairs directly in front of the stage and onto Duckworth Street. It features a  private VIP entrance, covered VIP preferred viewing area, exclusive VIP bar and exclusive VIP washroom access.

Media passes are available for reputable photographers and media people who are affiliated with local groups or can demonstrate media credentials through their portfolio. Individuals wishing to apply for a media pass may do so.

Set times are dependant on the number of bands and set lengths. However as a general rule of thumb, each night the music must be finished by 11:00pm.

George Street Festival is a gated event with admission required at the beginning of each evening. Guests on the street will be asked to present their festival passes or will be shown to one of the designated exits before the show begins. If you have questions about the process, the staff at the associated establishment should be able to help you.

Admittance to the street after the final bands finishes begins at 11:00 pm each night. ID will be checked at the gates and there will be cover charge. This cover charge will grant access to all venues on the street for the remainder of the night. As the case with the festival, there is no reentry after leaving the street. Those who leave will need to pass through security and pay the cover charge a second time.


Starting in 1984, 2022 marks the 37th Annual George Street Festival.

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