Bridie Molloy's Guinness Pub & Eatery is located on the infamous George Street in St. John's, Newfoundland. Directly below, on the historical level of Water Street, you will find her sister company, Celtic Hearth and Talahm An Eisc Pub & Bistro.

Located on one of the oldest mercantile streets in North America, both eloquent premises dominate their surroundings in cultural heritage, atmospheric warmth, great food, and a generous selection of wines, martinis, cocktails, and draft beer.

Ornately-wooded interiors housing cozy fireplaces and basking in soft light lend an air of home, while early 19th century stone walls allow the ideal setting for a vast collection of local antiques reflecting Newfoundland's dynamic past as well as that of it Celtic ancestry.

The Celtic Hearth offers a more subtle atmosphere for those who are looking for a quiet relaxing setting, while as a contrast, Bridie Molloy's is the place to be if you love to unwind to the sound of live music, as they constantly showcase live local talent. Both floors are unique, yet tied together hand in hand with a diverse selection of freshly prepared foods and an ambience that leaves you wanting to return.

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5 George Street | tel. (709) 576-5990